Welcome to Woodland Logs - Specialists in Seasoned Hardwood Logs

We are suppliers of quality seasoned hardwood logs from the Garden of England. Our wood is sourced from sustainable, responsibly managed
woodlands in Kent and it is well seasoned being air dried outside for one/two years then cut and split to an average size of 250mm for burning,
and thereafter dry stored in barns to ensure that what you get from us is a top quality burning log.

Seasoned & Sustainable  •  100% Renewable  •  High heat output  •  Long lasting  •  Clean burning  •  Distinct warming aroma

Our seasoned hardwood logs have a low moisture content therefore giving a very clean burn. The hardwood logs are dried to an
average -/+ 15 -18% of moisture to give optimum burning efficiency. Unseasoned and damp logs with a higher moisture content can
use up to 30% of their energy just burning off the moisture as steam and have a greater tendency to create deposits inside the chimney.